Difference between Should, Could, and Would

Here’s the latest video from my YouTube channel. In this video, I explain some of the differences between when to use should, could, or would.

I’ll outline them below with a few example sentences as well.


Use when giving advice. If you give a person a suggestion or advice, they are not obligated to do it. It is a polite way to give advice.

Example sentences:

You should eat vegetables every day.

You should go to the doctor if you don’t feel well.



Use when talking about your ability, or what you can do, when it’s in the past. At one time, you were able to do something, but not anymore.


I could run 10 miles. (I can’t now)

He could play the piano well. (But he has forgotten and can’t anymore)


Use when making a polite request. You can ask someone to do something politely by using could.


Could you get this for me?

Could you bring me a cup of tea?



Use in unreal or improbable situations. When something is imaginary or probably not going to happen, you use would.


I would buy a car if I had $10,000. (But I don’t)

She would be famous if she could sing. (But she can’t sing)


Use to make a polite offer. This is the opposite of using could as a polite request.


Would you like a cup of tea?

Would you like some dessert?


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