Take Out vs. Take Off: Proper English Usage

A lot of intermediate and advanced English learners enjoy learning more phrasal verbs. It’s a great way to sound more natural as an English speaker. But without some guidance, phrasal verbs can be difficult to know when to use. What’s the difference between the phrases “take out” and “take off”? When should you use each … Read more

Four Slang Phrases that Native English Speakers Use

One of the things English learners want most is to sound like a native speaker. And just like any language, there are phrases that native speakers use that aren’t taught in any textbook. These are informal phrases that have been adopted over time. In the U.S. there are different phrases and meaning depending on the … Read more

Board Games that can Improve your English this Year

One of the worst things is trying to practice English by yourself in a boring way. Maybe you’re tired of listening to podcasts or reading a book and memorizing vocabulary. In this post, I’m going to cover a more fun way to improve your English. You can use board games to improve your English. Have … Read more

Difference between Should, Could, and Would

Here’s the latest video from my YouTube channel. In this video, I explain some of the differences between when to use should, could, or would. I’ll outline them below with a few example sentences as well. Should Use when giving advice. If you give a person a suggestion or advice, they are not obligated to … Read more

Prepositions: When to Use “to” and “for”

Prepositions are difficult when learning English. There are about seventy prepositions in the English language, and there are rules for when to use each of them. Also, sometimes, there are phrases that don’t follow the rules. Sometimes, to a native speaker, one preposition just sounds more natural than another. Today we’re going to look at … Read more

Review of English the American Way

I have a lot of students that often want to learn more about American culture. Not only do they want to improve their English speaking, but they also want to learn more about how Americans act and the things they do. In this post, I’m going to talk about a book that can help you … Read more

Let’s go Camping

In today’s post, we’re going to talk about some vocabulary, phrases, and conversation questions dealing with camping. This article is designed to give you some help when speaking about the activity.   Vocabulary Sleeping bag: a warm blanket that zips up so you can sleep in it Campfire: a fire at a campsite; usually people … Read more

Going to the Gym

Health and fitness is something that is very important in life. It is also something people talk about with others who enjoy exercising as well. In today’s post, we’re going to look at a few words and phrases to talk about going to the gym.   Work out: to exercise I’m going to work out … Read more

Talking about Vacation

With summer ending and school starting back, many people spent time on vacation. Today, we’ll look at some phrases for talking about your vacation. Talking about where you went: We visited the Grand Canyon. We went to France. We stayed in Germany for two weeks.   Talking about what you did: I saw the Eiffel … Read more