Board Games that can Improve your English this Year

One of the worst things is trying to practice English by yourself in a boring way. Maybe you’re tired of listening to podcasts or reading a book and memorizing vocabulary. In this post, I’m going to cover a more fun way to improve your English. You can use board games to improve your English. Have fun playing a game with people (other English learners) while improving your English.

What makes board games a great way to learn English is that it’s both fun and fast. You have to think quickly while playing a game, which makes your mind work harder to put together sentences or words in English. Here’s a few of my favorite board games for practicing English.


This game divides people into teams of at least two. One person gives clues about a word while the teammate has to guess it. There are certain words on each card that the person can’t say while giving clues. This game is good for English because it improves your vocabulary and descriptive skills. You may have to think of a different way to describe the word on the card.

You can get Taboo here.



Scrabble is a very common game. You get several tiles and have to make a word on the board. As the game goes, you build words off of other words on the board. All words have to intersect. It’s a good way to learn new words from other players and think of multiple words for your turn. You always want the word that gets you the most points, so get creative.

You can get Scrabble here.



Banagrams is similar to Scrabble. You have tiles to create words, but you build your own connection of words. Each player plays separately and you see who can finish first. You can rearrange the words several times to make different words so that you use all your tiles. Get creative with your words so you can win.

You can get Bananagrams here.


There are dozens of other board games that deal with words, but these are my favorite to play. If you have other games you enjoy playing to learn English, comment below and tell me. 🙂