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Lesson Information

This page gives information on the various services I offer. I offer private lessons and self study courses.

Lessons are offered via Skype or Google Hangouts.

Lessons are fifty (50) minutes long or thirty (30) minutes long.


Conversation Lessons

These are lessons for speakers looking to practice their skills through casual conversation. Lessons focus on sentence structure, pronunciation, and vocabulary in context.

Lessons are based on your preference and skill level–if there is a topic you enjoy, let me know. If you do not have any particular topics, I will choose topics for each lesson for us to discuss.

To view more about conversation lessons or to buy these lessons, click here.


Self study courses

These courses are developed for you to study English on your own. You can choose which course is the best for you. Courses include all the materials you will need to study and improve your English by yourself.

To view more about self study courses, here.


I live in Central Standard Time (Chicago) in the United States. I am available Monday through Friday 9 AM to 4 PM. Please contact me with your time zone and we will work out a schedule that is good for you.

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