Talking about Chores: Phrasal Verbs and Vocabulary

Everyone has things they need to do around the house. You have to cook and clean every day. Here are some phrasal verbs and vocabulary to help you talk about chores around the house. I’m going to arrange them in categories by room.


Do the dishes: to wash the dishes

Put up/put away dishes

Wipe off the counter

Set the table: to put out plates and silverware for dinner



Do the laundry: to wash clothes

Fold clothes

Put up/put away clothes

Hang up clothes



Make the bed



Pick up your things

Throw away trash

Clean up a mess/the house/your things

Clean out the cabinets/drawers/closet


There’s some phrases you can use to practice your English speaking. Sound more like a native speaker while using these to talk about household chores.


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